Dmitriy Akulov

(Dmytro Akulov)

Entrepreneur - years old

I am the founder of many tech companies and projects and I enjoy building complex technical services.

I also speak fluent English, Greek, Russian and soon Polish

Always looking for cool projects and ideas to build/invest/join!

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Experience and milestones summary

My notable companies and projects

  • appfleet

    Startup Founder (acquired)

    • Deploy docker container to the edge and run your custom code on a global CDN-like network
    • Completely automated and self-serviced
    • Offers global routing for all regions and smart failover to ensure best possible uptime
    • Acquired by Cloudflare
  • PerfOps

    Startup founder (exited)

    • A B2B SaaS platform for optimizing the performance of global internet applications
    • Best known for DNSPerf and CDNPerf websites that offer free and public performance data of all DNS and CDN providers
    • Analytics system that gathers billions of RUM benchmarks and millions of synthetic benchmarks to provide accurate performance and uptime of distributed internet infrastructure.
    • Network tests allowing to run benchmarks on demand from 260+ global locations
    • A smart global load balancer that can use the analytics data and any external data to make decisions in real-time for each individual request. Effectively automatting Multi-CDN and Multi-Cloud deployments.
    • Load balancer allows logic to be written in javascript for full flexibility when building your custom routing
    • Raised 2 rounds from 2 VCs from the UK and Germany
    • Backend using anycast in multiple global locations
  • jsDelivr

    Founder (active)

    • Free and open source
    • Serving 180+ billion HTTP queries every month
    • Received funding from Mozilla to build and release new features
    • Wikipedia page
    • Used by millions of websites in production
    • Built v1 at 16 years old
  • Prospect One


    • Building interesting and cool stuff
    • DNSPerf, CDNPerf and PerfOps all came from Prospect One
    • Helping open source projects for free
    • Designed the official logo of Bash shell
    • Working with top tech companies
    • Offering consulting services and building stuff for clients